Update for 6/28/10

New review for Veggie Dog Saturn #4 by Jason Young, and I will be taking the time at some point during the week to make up for the lost reviews over the weekend.  Not sure exactly which day it will be yet, because I am currently buffing up the comics store in preparation for the comics rentals.  Yes, they are coming, and yes, I’m sure you’re getting sick of me talking about it.  As for the store, I increased the size of the sample images (although I’m still toying with finding the perfect size) and am adding at least one sample image per comic, like it was back in the old days.  The trouble is that with all the tinkering I’m not entirely sure that everything is working properly, so all this week anybody who orders comics from me gets a prize.  Original art from small press people (which I often get on the envelopes they send or with their pile of comics), maybe an mini comic oddity or two, the point is that EVERYBODY who orders from now until next Monday gets extra goodies with their comics.  Yes, this is a rather shameless ploy for comic orders, but I’m also testing out the new system.  Needless to say, if you order something and don’t hear back from me, let me know and I’ll fix the “broken” system.  At the moment I think it’s running fine though, hence the need for the test.  So order some comics, help me out and get random obscure stuff.  Who couldn’t love such a deal?

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