Update for 6/29/10

New review for Uh, Love Story by Jed Collins, and I noticed a slight problem with my plan to offer oddities with any comic orders this week: there doesn’t appear to be any prices on items in the store at the moment.  They’re still there, and if you click on the “add to cart” button you can see how much things cost, but that’s a pretty stupid way to place a comic order. So once again I’m putting out the call: any website designers out there who love comics and would be willing to consult/help out/fix stupid issues like this in exchange for comics?  I clearly need more than one of these computer people around, and I could certainly make helping worth your while.  Even if you’ve just used a WordPress blog for ages and have more insight into how these things work, as I am still shamefully stupid when it comes to the technical side of things.  Any takers, please e-mail me!

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