Fryer, Hayden – Billy the Demon Slayer #2


Billy the Demon Slayer #2

I’m torn on this one.  On the one hand I would love to give a pass to the constantly wrong usage of “you’re” and “your”, “too” and “to”, but on the other hand that would make me a bit of a hypocrite.  Ah well, so I’ll be a hypocrite.  After all, the series is over with (this came out in 2006 and Hayden sent along the whole second series), so any advice I give about such things would be rather pointless.  OK, how about this: Hayden, if you’re planning another series, please pass it too an English major or two to make sure that all the easy errors are fixed.  There, problem solved!  I still wish there was some kind of detailed series recap so I would know exactly what happened in the first series, but I’m hoping this will catch me up as I go along.  Anyway, in this issue two mysterious figures are terrorizing the students, Billy gets in trouble at school, Billy meets up with Deadus (I’m very curious about their history, and if you were wondering, contrary to appearances on that cover, he does NOT give Deadus a noogie that I could see), Billy punches his evil twin, another student seems to be making this get all evil, and things end on a confusing cliffhanger.  It’s a little odd that both issues so far have needed an afterword to explain what happened to people in the comic, as that sort of thing should make sense in the context of the comic itself.  So far it seems like this series has problems, but the humor is infectious and I’m increasingly curious to see if this ends up making any sense.  Worth a look, I think, but so far it’s mostly my love for bizarre humor and apocalyptic plots that are making me say that.  $3.50

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