Roman, Dave – Astronaut Elementary Book Two


Astronaut Elementary Book Two (#5, 6 & 7) Now Available! $3

Let’s say you’re having a lousy day, and why not? It’s possible, even likely sometimes, depending on your job, social life, the state of the world, all that. I defy anyone to read this collection and still feel lousy. You could flip through these and just read the little blurbs on posters and other items in the backgrounds and be amused, then when you stop to actually read the dialogue, well, your soul would have to be awfully black to not get at least a few dozen chuckles out of this. And sure, it is technically an “all ages” type of book, but unlike a whole bunch of things in that genre, here it doesn’t automatically also mean “stupid to all adults”. Anything but. It’s an introduction to a few more of the students at Astronaut Elementary and their various quests, like destroying a student and the endless harassment by Team Feety Pajamas. We also get to meet the principal and be impressed by his giant sword, watch Spike with his fruitless crushes on the school boys, and see the richest girl in school. All of these things tie together in some ways, or sometimes not, but it’s not really relevant. These are a pure joy to read and I have almost no interest in any sort of a larger story, which is rare for me. Can you tell yet that I’m totally sold on these things now? If you’re a complete cynic, I guess you can skip these, although they may very well cure you. Other than that, there’s no reason in the world not to check them out, and you can get all sorts of free samples on their website if you’re too cheap to actually pay for them…

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