Fryer, Hayden – Billy the Demon Slayer S2 #3


Billy the Demon Slayer S2 #3

If I’m having a tough time keeping track of the story now, it must have been really tough on the people reading this when it first came out.  There was apparently a long delay in getting this issue out and this issue goes straight from the end of the second issue.  I still wish I had the first series of this book, as that would probably answer more than a few questions, but I’ll just keep flailing about and hoping that I hit on a good point or two.  Hey, exactly the same as all my other reviews!  This time around Billy is “underground” and trying to get information on the new sinister plot while his friends are still in town.  Things get bad in a hurry, as a crowd of zombies (described by a confused local as “some kind of an emo party”) descends upon the town.  Still, so far they seem to just be standing around, waiting for the word to start their mission.  Billy is actually fairly restrained in this issue, but I expect that to change in a big way for the next issue.  One thing is abundantly clear after reading this: before I review #4 I’m going to have to go back and read this series all in a row.  This issue by issue business just isn’t cutting it for me this time around.  The good news is that there were fewer grammatical errors (I’ve given up hope of the guy ever learning the difference between “too” and ‘to”), we still got the “where are they now” section to detail the fates of the side characters who wander off at the end of every issue, and there’s still some pretty great dialogue going on.  Still, I’m left with the feeling I had when I started watching Buffy at the start of the third season: I thought it was fantastic, but some of the finer points were lost on me because I didn’t know the history.  $3.50

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