Green, Dragon – Skully Flower #2


SkullyFlower #2

The improbably named Dragon Green has kept things moving along nicely with this second issue, and this also shows some clear improvements from the first issue.  Not that the first issue was bad, mind you, but improvements are supposed to made from issue to issue (artistic growth, don’t you know), so I’m always happy to see that pattern hold true.  If you haven’t read the review for the first issue or seen this comic before, I recommend clicking on that website link or finding the old review, because I’m just going to get right into it.  Stories in here include trying to find a food source for the plant, adopting the proper state of mind to be able to deal with one of those big box hardware stores, almost being killed by a stupid woman on a cell phone, getting free stuff due to some corporate butt-covering, teaching the plant to skateboard (and Dragon actually managed to make this plausible; no mean feat) , and discovering that the plant could fly.  That last one might qualify as a spoiler but, then again, it may not.  Reading over her website, it sounds like she’s in a bit of artistic paralysis at the moment, as she sees herself as unable to complete a satisfactory background.  As somebody who often complains about the lack of quality backgrounds in comics, I have to say: don’t let that stop you.  Unless the format changes completely in later comics (and it might, this one is from 2006), she’s doing such a great job on the humor of the book that backgrounds aren’t the biggest deal in the world.  That and it probably isn’t really as bad as she thinks.  Anyway, the comic is worth a look, so why don’t you already? $2

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