Reinwald, Josh – Crass Sophisticate #11 (with Justin & Brett Rosenberg)


Crass Sophisticate #11

I’d like to start this review off with a little rant to people that probably only exist in my head.  Hey you!  Yes, you, the person who is going to skip this review because they’re offended by the cover, or simply think that it means this comic is going to juvenile and stupid.  Well, you’re wrong.  You know what?  While the Crass Sophisticate crew is often, well, crass, they do manage to put out an entertaining issue each time, often something that makes me feel like I learned something.  Very few series can say that, and very few series get their title so right.  If you have no complaints about that cover, please ignore that rant, but I felt the need to make it clear that these guys are amassing quite a pile of crassly sophisticated work and should be credited as such.  This issue, as you can tell, is about masturbation.  I’m really hoping the story told in the first part is fictional, as it deals with a young boy who, after first learning what masturbating is, enjoys it a little too much and eventually sees blood in his urine.  The doctor announces this fact to the mother of the child, which would be OK if it wasn’t for the fact that the boy’s brother was there as well.  The Dad only cares that he is thinking of girls while the Mom wants to take him to a shrink.  This all comes to a head as the boy draws a science project partner who is remarkably well-endowed for her age, his brother tells some friends that he was called a chronic masturbator, and his science partner hears the story.  Again, I can only hope that this wasn’t true, as it would certainly mess a guy up for life.  The second part of the book deals with the early days of porn, when our author (or his fictional stand-in) would go to a local newsstand once a week to get a copy of High Society.  This practice was done happily for years, until a chance encounter with an older woman did him some serious damage.  I’m not sure who did what this time around so I’m just throwing all the names up there and hoping for the best.  Sure, there are still some unerased pencil lines, but the quality of the stories has officially surpassed my annoyance at such things.  Buy some of these and be cured of a bit of your indie snootiness!

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