Baddeley, Kyle – Silent V #1


Silent V #1

Is it bad if I’m hoping that something is an undeclared 24 hour comic? That’s not to say a thing either way about the story, but these are such simple drawings with such nonexistent backgrounds that this guy could put together a monthly series in no time if he wanted to.  As for the story, well, wow.  I need to narrow that down a bit, so how about “damn”? In a good way?  OK, let me try again.  This is the story of a man who has been protecting the Earth (or at least something very close to this planet) from alien invasion since he was a baby.  Literally, as he would throw homemade molotov cocktails at the ships while sucking a pacifier.  He seems to be friends with, or at least work professionally alongside, a bird who has apparently faked his own death.  The dingos are not interested in helping against the invasion, the dead have started to rise, and goblins are dancing naked. Meanwhile, there are other babies who are being cared for by a woman who probably should get a different job (and the babies seem to be highly explosive when dropped from a great height) and a member of the invasion may yet win the whole thing for the good guys.  It’s a delightful mess of a story, in other words, and I chuckled in awe of the guy behind it more than a few times.  I can only hope this really is only the first issue and there’s more to come, as this was a blast.  While the art may lean a bit on the simple side, it gets the point across and that, more than anything, gives me hope that Kyle could start cranking these out if there was enough of an outcry.  Like, say, the outcry caused be the good comic loving people of this site sending him some orders for the first issue?  Couldn’t hurt, anyway.  No price listed, but a buck or two is probably about right…

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