Reed, Desmond – Aloha



How exactly does a worm hold an axe?  Sorry, my inner comic geek occasionally busts out, much as I would like to keep it down.  This simply done comic, which should forever dispel the notion that people who can’t draw can make great comics, deals with three worms having a conversation.  Oh, and just so it’s clear, I’m not saying that Desmond CAN’T draw, just that this comic consists of worms, piles of dirt, a flat ground and some darkness.  Anyway, these worms are talking, two of them realize (after the third worm has left) that they really don’t like that guy at all and have no interest in meeting him for lunch tomorrow, and they devise a plan to get rid of the worm.  With an axe.  If you know your science and know what happens to worms when they are cut up the ending will not come as a shock to you, if you don’t know your worm science, well, prepare to be amazed while learning something!  Also, if you’re keeping track, that’s two comics by the guy and both of them have been fantastic.  Not the fancypants, “discover something new about yourself or the universe as a whole” kind of fantastic, just the “that’s some funny shit that I didn’t necessarily see coming and even if I did it was still pulled off extremely well” kind of fantastic.  These things need definition, don’t you know.  Desmond is selling his two comics (The Island is the other comic) as a pack for $2.  I suppose you could maybe badger him into just getting one or the other, but why?  Just buy them both and enjoy.

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