Michel, Doug – Monkey Squad One #6


Monkey Squad One #6

Well, if the last issue at least mildly dealt with the characters, this issue is all about mayhem. I’m also torn on the recap, as it’s funny as hell, but functionally useless.  Ah screw it, I’ll let “funny” win out.  Anyway, Monkey Squad One is getting their behinds kicked by the giant monster from the last issue, Monkey Squad Two is happy to come to the rescue (after they finish eating dinner), and the cast of villains is still watching the spectacle from a nearby rooftop.  The monster gets increasingly out of control until one of the MSO members shoots a giant laser beam out of his eyeballs, which seemed a bit odd to me, but I don’t know the full history here. The giant battle continues, Monkey Squad Two shows up (and they sure seem a lot more competent than Monkey Squad One), then we get to the point where I can’t say much else without giving stuff away.  It’s a reasonably fun ride, although it may not be for me, as I’m mostly over giant anime robots, sadly enough.  Still, that’s not to say that you wouldn’t like it if you enjoy mayhem, giant robots and interpersonal drama with a team of teenagers (?) and their constant efforts to save the world, so don’t let my general fuddy-duddiness get you down.  I did approve of Doug’s obvious fixed to misspelled words, even if did stick out a bit, because it’s better than the alternative of leaving the wrong spelling in out of laziness or stupidity.  And the art was impressive for what the genre needed to show, so I don’t have a clear explanation of my generally “meh” reaction other than, like I said, my own personal inability to feel joy.  If you still have that power, get this comic and enjoy!  $2.50

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