Martin, Amy – Florride #3


Florride #3

This is apparently the comic from the Amy Martin pile that I was waiting for, as I loved it with no reservations.  No, i couldn’t tell you exactly why that is, which is why they pay me the big bucks.  Probably something to do with the fact that as a single guy in his 30’s, I don’t necessarily identify with single women on the prowl or complaining about the menfolk.  Granted, there’s some of that this time around too, but also more genuinely moving stories. One highlight of the book is an imaginary conversation Amy has in heaven, in which she gets her baby disallowed due to the dissolution of a relationship and tries to cut through all the bureaucracy to find out if she’s ever going to get pregnant again. It was a hilarious portrayal of red tape on the one hand and the nonsense that is “heaven” on the other.  The other highlight was Amy remembering some awful events from her past in a beautiful landscape, wishing for a way through it but not knowing how it’ll end up.  Then you have the shorter pieces, dealing with the guilt of corn chips, a serious conversation behind a rabbit, and a few shorties about boys or being a happy woman after seeing boys.  It’s a complete comic, full of heart, sincerity and humor, and kills whatever lingering doubts I may have had about Amy.  Hey, I’m a critic, like it or not (never thought I’d be one, but that is at least a part of what I do here), so I’m allowed some healthy skepticism.  My favorite part of the “job” was when somebody wins me over completely, so here’s to Amy making my day!  Yeah, it’s a little steep at $6, but there’s plenty of content and it’s all good.

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