Racek, Tom – Untitled


That’s right, no contact information and no title.  I checked Tom’s old website and it appears to be gone, but I enjoyed his “Laugh Cries” series and haven’t seen anything new from the guy in years, so I couldn’t help but do a review of his new book.  Yes, even though it comes without contact info, a title or a price.  Ah well, maybe he’ll send me some current info, and a note to anybody sending me books: if your only contact information comes of the envelope you sent your comics in, you’re in trouble.  I often toss the envelope early and put the comics in a big disorganized pile. Anyway, this is a comic that Tom apparently started in high school, and the first half deals with the start of the Renaissance in 1519.  Or not, as my grasp of history is shameful.  Thanks American school system!  Ah who am I kidding, I’ve had years to improve it and usually choose to read comic books instead. The art is a little raw, obviously, but it’s an interesting story, which always goes a long way for me.  The second half gets all philosophical, and three cheers to him for it, as most people avoid the subject altogether. It deals with people breaking out of their personal boxes to achieve eternity and, while some of the imagery was lost on me, I do appreciate the sentiment.  It’s odd that Tom has chosen to go backwards instead of forward with his art, though if an unverified Flicker site is to be believed he’s improving in that by leaps and bounds.  I liked it and think it could be a nice kick in the brain to certain people, provided that I knew any way for people to get ahold of this.  It’s worth hunting down, but unless I can get a few more hints, well, good luck with that…

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