Baddeley, Kyle – Silent V #2


Silent V #2

There’s a fine line between playing fast and loose with your storyline to enhance it and make it wonderful and just throwing a bunch of shit against the wall and hoping something sticks.  I wish I could tell you exactly where that line was, as it would save a lot of creative types some trouble, but I have no idea.  Wherever that line is, Kyle has found it and is currently dancing a happy jig all over it.  I have very little idea what’s going on in the grand scheme of things in “Silent V,” and I really couldn’t care less.  This is a whole pile of inspired brilliance, so much so that I had to  sample two images from the book.  Well, nobody made me sample two pages, but I would have sampled the whole thing if I thought that was fair.  OK, let me try to sum up the story just a bit (this ought to be good.) A baby is dropped off to be a new recruit of some kind (but the “dropping off” was maybe a bit too literal), Doug fights off some goblins in the clock tower, we travel 700 years back in time for no discernible reason, Burrd Flappy gets what’s coming to him, and that “to be continued” page was a thing of sheer awesomeness.  Generally with this type of book I hold a hope of eventually going back and re-reading the series to make some sense out of it, but this time around I’m frankly rooting for chaos to win out.  Read it, love it, scratch your head out of sheer delighted confusion. $2 (?)

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