H., Eric – Chickenbot’s Odd Jobs #2


Chickenbot’s Odd Jobs #2

Eric made the decision to keep his comics self-contained after putting out the first half of the first “Odd Jobs,” and can I just reiterate that it was an excellent idea. This issue features out hero going back out to find another job and, as always, his options are rather limited.  He goes with “paranormal investigator” over “gnome wrangler”and “dragon slayer” and ends up trying to figure out the truth about a UFO sighting.  He heads out to the farm (and alien sightings are always on or near a farm), pokes around a bit and finds prairie dogs with hats firmly attached to their heads and the head farmer spontaneously combusts. Chickenbot seemingly has no fear, as he finds out the truth about the aliens and hitches a ride up to their ship.  I won’t ruin any more of it, but I will say that he could have picked “dragon slayer” right off the bat and saved himself a few steps.  Sure, putting these comics out as self-contained stories means there’s going to be more time between issues, but every one of these so far has been a treat.  “Funny and smart” is a big part of what I look for in comics, and this one has both qualities in large lumps.  The only trouble is with Eric’s website as, even though it has the entire comic available for free, there’s no link to any place to actually buy a copy.  Wait, did I just say that getting to read his comic for free was a bad thing?  I’ve been doing this too long.  Clearly it’s a good thing for us comic readers, but if Eric is going to be nice enough to post the entire thing he maybe should have a link for people who like to own physical copies of comics.  And some indication of the price. It’s a hefty thing, so I’m going to say $5 randomly, but I couldn’t tell you where to get a copy.

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