Castro, Edgar – Retail Duncan #1


Retail Duncan #1

Here’s a simple way to keep “your” and “you’re” straight: if you are saying “you’re”, would it work if you switched it out with “you are”?  Same thing with “your”: if “you are” fits in that spot, don’t use “your”.  Sorry to start off with a rant, but if there’s one thing that’s fingernails-on-a-chalkboard annoying to me, that’s it.  Well, that and the difference between “their, they’re and there”, but only rant per review is the legal limit around these parts.  I mention it mostly because it’s the only thing that bugged me in an otherwise funny and occasionally insightful comic.  Our hero, Duncan, needs to find a bathroom in the mall.  OK, not the most promising of starts.  He finds one, happens to sit next to an old friend, and ends up applying for a job.  From there he’s given a series of tasks, including 18 hours of filling out a form, killing the Rancor monster, cleaning up after Lone Wolf & Cub and fighting off Chunk.  If you don’t know who that is, kids, ask your parents.  It’s a  pretty funny comic, with a larger point or two thrown in about the whole retail experience.  Maybe you should buy a copy and see for yourself?  $2

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