Update for 11/22/10

New review for Borderland by Dan Archer & Olga Trusova. I should point out that while the store still seems to be broken, I’ll guarantee all orders placed before December 20th get to you before Christmas.  How can I do that if the store is broken?  Simple: I can still see the orders you TRIED to make.  So if you go through the regular ordering process and get an error message, I’ll see exactly what you tried to order and send you an e-mail asking you if you’d still like to place the order.  If so you send me the money through Paypal, I send you the comics, everybody wins.  Yes, it’s an extra step or two in an age when everything has to be immediate, but getting quality comics is worth a little extra effort, right?  This may all be moot if the store gets fixed, but I’ve learned better than to promise a damned thing on that front…

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