Miguinti, Lupi – Bantam #1


Bantam #1

I’m assuming that Lupi has put out more than two books, but I’ve only seen two, and the difference between this and her last book on forced female genital mutilation is stark.  “Duh” would be an appropriate response to that statement, and good for her that she has fun with comics as well as trying to inform the reader.  This one is all about the bad puns, so be warned.  Yes, it’s a Batman and Robin parody and no, the world probably doesn’t need too many more of those.  Things start off with Bantam on the trail of the Jerker, who is trying to shake and bake innocent civilians.  Bantam gets captured (and seems pretty ineffective throughout), Little Pecker (that’s his name, he’s the Robin character) gets smothered by Mother Hen, and we eventually get to the real villain.  I’ve spared you the puns; if that’s your thing you should pick this up and you’ll get your fill.  It does end up being funny at times, despite the best efforts of the puns to batter me into submission.  That “#1” on the cover indicates more to come, but it sure seems like the story wraps itself up pretty neatly.  It’s cute and occasionally funny, but your mileage may vary and the very concept will give you a solid idea if this is something you’d enjoy.  Oh, and I JUST now noticed that my last review before Thanksgiving involved a comic with a turkey for the main villain.  Huzzah for unintentionally picking a theme book!  No idea how much this costs, so I’ll go with the random guess of $2.

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