M., Simon – Smoo #3 Preview


Smoo #3 Preview

Last time around I asked Simon about the preview and the “1/2” issue, and he had good reasons for both.  Actually, the full edition of #3 is out now, so you could just get that and skip this entirely.  So why am I talking about it?  Two reasons: I’m in a rush (it’s a little thing) and I don’t have a copy of #3 yet and wanted to remind you all that he has a new issue out.  Hey, but aren’t I the guy who complains about people who rush out books for cons?  What’s the difference between that and my rushing out a review?  One thing is a piece of art, the other is… whatever it is that I do here, so it lands a bit low on the hypocrisy scale.  Wasn’t there a comic somewhere in all this?  A very tiny one, yes.  This starts with Simon fantasizing about throwing his phone into a lake (ah, we’ve all been there), then musing on whether this is a fad or a piece of technology we’ll be stuck with for a long time, all in his own inimitable way.  This is only a few pages but, like I said, the whole issue is  out now, so you should probably just go ahead and buy that one.  How do I know that it’s worth it?  Well, this is a great little story, and it’s not like he’s done anything awful yet, so let’s call it a leap of faith.

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