Update for 12/29/10

New review for To Share is to Divide by Nick Soucek.  You may have noticed that I’ve been absent a lot lately, which is because I didn’t get back to the family until Christmas Day and due to the generally lazy feel of the holiday week.  I’ll probably keep it up, frankly, until next Monday, with chances of other reviews being thrown in here and there.  Don’t hold your breath though, as I kind of want to recharge for the new year.  I’ll have plenty of new comics to add to the store, many many reviews I need to get to, and there’s still that gigantic Alex book I hope to get to next Tuesday.  Plenty to discuss in the new year, in other words, but I may be mostly absent here until then.  If that’s how if plays out, enjoy the holiday, or don’t, depending on your preference.

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