Baddeley, Kyle – Silent V #3


Silent V #3

Either this comic is starting to make sense or my brain is officially adapting to the madness.  In most cases I’m all for a story coming together and starting to make sense, but this time around I think I prefer the chaos. Not that it would be a bad thing to know what the hell has been happening for the last couple of issues, but the ride has been such a blast that I’m in no hurry for “logic” to make a mess of everything.  Anyway, this time around we see a baby slacking on its first day, the dog thing chats with his almost identical twin and explains a bit of what he does all day (hint: it doesn’t involve smoking pot), our hero gets a visit from a tall teddy bear holding an egg, and what the fuck just happened there at the end?  Let me look again… yep, that’s what I thought. Huh. This is either going to be a mess of a graphic novel if it’s all collected together or it’s going to be brilliant; I don’t see much room for space in between. I also love how, even in a mostly “straight” story like this, we still get moments of genuine insanity like our hero nailing fish to a wall for no apparent reason. Then, just in case that wasn’t enough, we subtly learn that the fish are watching the proceedings. Sweet Jesus, buy these books. It’s difficult with most comics to talk about them just enough to get people interested without giving too much away, in this case it’s damned near impossible and these reviews would be much easier to write if I knew that each and every one of you had already read the comics. I’m not sure of the price, probably a couple of bucks, but whatever it is you should just bite the bullet and get it. Unless you like your comics all linear and sensible, in which case I don’t know why you’re hanging around here anyway.

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