Update for 2/28/11

New review for Panel #15: The Movies by those Columbus folks who keep putting these things out there for the world to enjoy. You probably noticed that the review came with pictures, as the scanner worked again today after multiple attempts. To be blunt, I can’t afford to buy one for at least another couple of weeks, possibly more if I want to go to SPACE this year, so I’m asking again for people to buy some comics to help out. I hate fundraisers as much as the next person, which is why I’m not calling it one, and it might not even matter, as the scanner might hold up in its rickety condition for another month or so. But if you enjoy the site and think that it would be a bit worse without sample images (and have some money lying around that you would like to transform into comics), then I should be able to stop mentioning this after I get between $75-100.

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