Hendricks, R. – Stranger Two Stranger #1


Stranger Two Stranger #1

Somewhere around the mounds of comics in this room I have a copy of “I Saw You…,” the anthology edited by Julia Wertz. I’m mentioning this because R. mentions in his introduction that that book served as an inspiration for this book and to maybe help you understand his title a little bit better. See, that book had various tales of missed connections by some of the luminaries of the small press comics world. This one has ten different stories that range all over the place covering the same subject. Missed connections in here include a dopey ad listing the entire alphabet except for the “U” with the headline “What Am I Missing?,” a fairly hopeless girl who was giving it a shot anyway, a guy either looking for an overweight lady with a moustache to respond to his ad or maybe he was playing a joke, an ad to Prince Harry, one from a couple of prison inmates who wonder where their, um, “buddy” has gone, one about the sex appeal of a big old belly, another cryptic ad, and somebody whose only clue was that the person they were looking for said “bless you” to them when they sneezed in a pet shop. My favorite of the bunch has to be the story of the man who is trying to piece his previous evening together from the bits and pieces of physical evidence left over from the night before. R. also mentioned in his intro that he was very late getting into this small press comics thing, as he’s in his late 30’s at the moment. Kudos to him/her and the more the merrier. Hell, a good chunk of the behemoths of this small press world put out their best work after the passed 40 anyway, so there’s theoretically plenty of time for improvement. It’s a pretty damned solid first issue either way, but here’s hoping the guy keeps going with this.

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