Smith, Ryan Cecil – SF #1


SF #1

What I wouldn’t give to have all the money in the world so I could finance comics like this. Seriously, as comics reading fans, we get cheated big time when all these artists have to have actual careers instead of being able to roll in dough from the brilliant works they produce. While I’m shooting for the moon I’d also like a time machine so that I could convince Frank Woodring not to give up on “Frank” for so many years because there was no money in it. And a pony! OK, irrelevant aside over. This one starts off with a couple of pages that satirize the old “Wolfenstein” game (kids, ask your parents). Suddenly this story vanishes and we’re on a street with a young alien trying to get home to his family. His house blows up, then someone tries to assassinate him in the hospital but the SF steps in. Actually, the title should probably be SFSFSF (Space Fleet Scientific Foundation Special Forces), but that’s noticeably more clunky. Anyway, our hero stops the assassination attempt and tries to get back to his team, but he gets ambushed along the way, leading to my favorite bit of science: “Every scientist knows that bodies explode with a ‘fssshhh’ and a ‘poof,’ not a ‘boom.'” The team finally gets assembled, and what a team it is! That’s an impressive cast of characters right there and I have high hopes for them getting more page time in future issues. There’s also a few character cards in the back, so at least you can learn about four members of this crew. From there a plan is made, motivations are explained a little bit, and the first part of the plan is hatched before the end of the issue. It’s hurting me not to tell you how that goes down, but it’s worth reading it for yourself. I will caution you about reading this in public places, as you’re certain to laugh out loud unless you have no sense of humor at all. So I clearly loved it, and Ryan even sent along a supplement for this issue a few weeks after I got this, which I am now dying to dig into. Oh, and the point at the start of this review? If Ryan was a rich man he could just focus on putting issues of this out. I’ve seen way too many #1’s that never make it to a #2 or #3, and I’ll be downright cranky if that happens with this series.

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