Contrary, Carrie Q. – Hot Little Cut#1


Hot Little Cut #1

OK, so maybe Carrie Q. Contrary isn’t the author’s actual name. So what? I have my doubts about Dexter Cockburn too, but I thoroughly enjoy his comics, so who cares? Besides, the modern world still hasn’t quite caught up to the fact that you can write and draw stories with sexy bits strewn about without being considered a pervert at best, so why not use a pseudonym? There are two longer stories in this one and one short piece. It starts off with the daydream of our heroine as she imagines growing to gargantuan size, shoving a writhing guy into her vagina to serve as a living dildo and an army of men who are willing to service her. Yeah, it’s also explicit as all hell, so watch out for that/enjoy, depending on your level of sexual maturity. The short piece has a nice little punchline that I’m not going to ruin, and the second longer piece deals with Carrie’s discovery of her own sexuality. It all started innocently enough, as these things generally do when kids get so little instruction about those feelings from authority figures, and progressed to her late grade school years. Which means that it remained pretty damned innocent for the duration of the book. It’s a damned solid comic, although if naked people and sex offend you then you should run for your sad, fragile innocence.  Three cheers for Dexter and his Comix Company (although I could have done with a better company name) putting together generally smart and sexy adult comics, and this one creeps dangerously close to informative at times. Keep up the good work, you dirty, dirty perverts! $4

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