Escobedo, Kayla – Monty Comix #4


Monty Comix #4

Some comics cry out for full color versions of themselves, while it doesn’t matter in the slightest for others. I would have put Monty into the latter category, frankly, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had from experiencing this bleak, disturbing world in glorious color. This one is a bit shorter than past issues (probably has something to do with all that color), but there’s still plenty of cringe-inducing stories in here. I mean “cringe-inducing” in the best possible way, of course, as certain kinds of art are failing if they don’t induce cringing. Stories in here include a stinky dead cat in a bag (and all the reactions surrounding it), a fried opossum and a grab bag page of shorter comics, Chris Ware style. The longest story makes up most of the book, and it deals with a sleepover that young Whalegirl attended. Things are going pretty well, then the host girl turns on a porno channel. Not only that, but there’s also beastiality going on. Young Whalegirl tries to process all this but appears to fail miserably, then the sleepover gets even worse. If you’re a fan of these comics (and why wouldn’t you be?) then it’s going to be impossible to pass up a full color version. If you’re not already a fan then maybe you should get some of the cheaper black and white issues first, then you can come back for this and see why it’s essential. If nudity of all stripes is a bridge too far for you, then ok, you got me: these books aren’t for you. For everybody else, that’ll be $6 please.

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