Update for 8/8/11

New review for Monty Comix #4 by Kayla Escobedo. Sorry about the accidental vacation, but these things happen. At least I wandered off when the thing at the top of the page mentioned Jeff Zwirek’s fundraiser for his collected Burning Building Comix. Last time I didn’t get into what YOU could get for donating money, but I have to point out that if a person exists out there who has $400 for this, they can get their very own sort of prologue to this story! That’s right, Jeff will produce a 19 page comic showing the story of the janitor who lives in the basement of the burning building. Ah, if only I was rich. Plenty of other goodies available for much cheaper, which I’ll get into as the deadline for this fundraiser gets closer. But for now, I stand by my story that all it will take  is for everybody reading this right now to give the guy $1 then he’ll be able to pull this off. $1!

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