Juresko, Josh – Bad Breath Comics #3


Bad Breath Comics #3

“Too” and “to” are two completely different words. Just saying, as that was the only glaringly obnoxious thing that stood out to me from this comic. Not that Josh is the only person who makes that mistake (far from it, sadly) but it still bugs the hell out of me every time I see it. So how about the content? It was strange and uneven at times, with hints of possible greatness to come. Or not, but I see potential. Stories in here that I enjoyed include an old man and his seagulls, the one about car auctions (until it devolved into utter nonsense in the last few panels, which sure looked to me like another one of those “I have no idea how to end this so I’ll just stop” stories), a long but oddly rewarding setup for a dragon pun, the CEO asking for more money on a street corner, a wordless protest against bras and fights (I think that’s what it was about anyway, but in any case it was a good excuse to have a naked woman running around for a few pages), and the dumb fuck trying to find a box of cereal. The long piece about a fake cola company trying to win over the public while doing some horrible stuff behind the scenes didn’t always hold together very well and it had another awkward ending, but I’m all for somebody at least trying to be political in their comics. Things have been falling to shit for ages now and people who speak up even a little bit should be encouraged. That cover is delightfully awkward, with nothing to do with the contents, and the back cover is pretty great too. That seems to be pretty much all of the stories that I enjoyed at least a little bit, and when I say that this was uneven I mean that most of the individual stories felt that way, but this also looks like early days for Josh in the comics business. With that considered he’s off to a fine start on his way to putting out 6-12 more comics of increasing quality until he takes a proper job and leaves all this behind. Not that I’m feeling overly cynical today or anything. But hey, $2 for this much content is a steal any way you look at it.

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