Taylor, Rio Aubry – Werefore Teach Comics?


Werefore Teach Comics?

I was all set to praise this thing before I noticed the glaring typo in the title. In the freaking title, by a person who teaches students about how to make comics! This isn’t the first time that I’ve wondered if there was a class on spelling at The Center for Cartoon Studies. They do fantastic work in every other area (as far as I’ve been able to tell), but that title alone may well have scared me off if I saw this sitting on a shelf in a store. So anyway, this is a tiny mini and the title basically says it all. Rio praises her teacher Alec Longstreth and gives some of his pearls of wisdom, then goes on to feature a few students who talked about what they learned in class. Like I said, it’s short (six pages of story), and the content was fantastic and thought-provoking. Still, I’ll be the guy yelling on street corners in 20 years about spelling errors when the rest of the world has given up, so don’t think my annoyance about that title will do a thing to dim your enjoyment of the book. Rio also sent along longer comics that I look forward to digging into (rushed for time today, so that pretty much always means I’m reviewing a mini comic), and I’ll go ahead and give her the benefit of the doubt on that typo. Hey, why not? There’s nothing about this comic on her website, but you could probably get a copy for a dollar.

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