Brown, Bryan G. – The Bride of Hellatron


The Bride of Hellatron

Since all these reviews are starting off with me complaining these days, I wonder if there’s any particular reason why this comic wasn’t stapled. Maybe it’s just a review comic thing, but I hope he isn’t selling them like this. By the time you put them in a bag and get them home they’d be all jumbled up. Now that I have my bitching out of the way, this was an enjoyable enough story, although if you’re not a fan of ball-busting wives in comics you’d probably be OK moving on to something else. The first half of the comic is introducing the reader to Hellatron, who is basically the scourge of the galaxy. The second half of the book deals with Hellatron being late for a dinner date with her wife and her friends, which turns even uglier when it is revealed that he accidentally ate the planet of her friends. It has a few laughs and the punchline was funny, even if you could see it coming. The art suited the story too (I particularly enjoyed the image of Hellatron slurping up a planet). Worth a look, although I’m mostly looking forward to the next issue of his First Fight series, which also came with this but I picked this one to review instead. Why? It made sense at the time…  $2

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