Courcy, Kyle – Cereal With a Fork #1


Cereal With a Fork #1

A funny thing happened while I was reading this comic. Well, several funny things, as it’s a collection of over 100 strips varying from one to several panels (but mostly one panel). The thing is that it wasn’t all that funny at first. The humor was either stupid or just not that funny, and the art didn’t do it a ton of favors. Then it started getting gradually funnier, then suddenly I was laughing out loud on a fairly regular basis. The strip sampled below was the one that totally convinced me, although your opinions may vary. The art never did get all that complicated, but who cares? It’s the humor that matters in something like this, and Kyle figured that out pretty well after he worked the kinks out. He also mentioned in the afterward that this was the first time he had drawn anything since maybe grade school, so that’s a perfectly respectable learning curve. So what are the comics about? Well, keeping in mind that there are more than 100 of them, some of them are about bad advertising for a coffee shop, the difference between somebody wearing a bluetooth and the same person not wearing one, the Douche Palace, a beginner piano, and suddenly being transported 10,000 years into the past. There’s also a continuing gag for a few strips that starts off with a family of pizzas ordering a medium human, with the following strips documenting the imaginary reactions to this strip. If you want to know more, you’ll be happy to know that this behemoth is only $3, and if you need more convincing he has all kinds of samples up at this site. The ones I saw all looked funny, which indicates to me that he has the hang of this daily humor thing now. It’s a difficult thing to keep up, but he’s off to a pretty damned good start. $3

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