Taylor, Rio Aubry – Light Riot Departure


Light Riot Departure

Haters of science fiction and fantasy, take note: that dragon on the first page is not indicative of the content the rest of the way. This is the story of Rio (it’s called a “fantastical autobiography,” so use your own imagination as to how much of this is true) as he watches people on inner tubes floating down the river, noting that they never take the time to look up at him in the tree. He’s also worried about his girlfriend and whether or not she’s using hard drugs. A strange creature appears and offers to split Rio’s soul from his body, allowing him to exist in the real world while his soul takes a different journey into self-discovery. He accepts and the story splits in two, with soul Rio on the top of the pages and human Rio on the bottom. Human Rio gets the news that he was dreading about his girlfriend while soul Rio gets to try and fly into the center of the moon while avoiding some seriously odd hazards. No sense in my telling you much more about this, as it’ll get spoilery in a hurry (if it isn’t already there), but you could read this comic a few different ways. I see it as a man retreating into himself when he gets the worst news possible, but who am I to say? Maybe he did take that spiritual journey and I’m just a materialistic cynic. It’s worth checking out either way and figuring it out for yourself. $5.50

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