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Job hunting! I’ve been doing that myself lately and it is some demoralizing shit. This starts off with a young woman (Gwen) looking for work online and sending out her resume. She gets a call back the next day and gets hired on as a cashier at a pizza place. There wouldn’t be much of a comic if that was the whole story, so she also lucks out and gets a racist asshole of a boss. Not the hood wearing kind of racist, just the kind that has assumptions about entire ethnic backgrounds based on a few bad experiences. So Gwen puts up with it for awhile, as she doesn’t have much choice in the matter and most jobs are shitty anyway, before things finally come to a head. It’s a nice little story, with her friends trying to get her through some of the nonsense and all kinds of examples of the casual racism that always makes Fox News viewers get an odd look on their face when they’re called on it, like it’s impossible for it to be true. I do have one small bone to pick, and it’s a bit of a spoiler, so watch out if you don’t care for such things. In fact, just stop reading now, as the art for this is fantastic and it’s a fun little story, so you should give it a shot, in case that’s what you were wondering about. OK, so the book ends with Gwen having a nice chat with her boss, as she feels bad about quitting the way that she did. He’d been built up as a (rightly) bad guy up until that point, and I didn’t feel the need for the burst of sympathy there, but maybe that’s just my cold, cold heart talking. No price, so $3 maybe?

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