Lindo, Sara – Lobotomy



There are times when a silent comic needs a few words of explanation, and this is one of those times. Or it’s possible that all the cold medicine that is still coursing through my system (along with the actual cold itself) is making me stupid and I’m just not getting parts of this. Actually, I’d bet on the latter explanation. This is the story of a smaller chunk of a larger brain that has taken over the whole brain and, well, lobotomized it. Sort of, anyway, as the larger part is still capable of independent thought. Why don’t I just flip through this again in the hopes of making this review at least slightly coherent? Small brain chunk wakes up and goes about its daily business. Then it wanders over to the larger brain and hooks it up to something that is clearly hurting it. The small chunk then rides the large chunk throughout the day like a steed, while the large chunk is clearly miserable the whole time. Once the small chunk goes to sleep the larger chunk takes off for its own adventures, and I’ll just tell you the whole comic if I’m not careful. Maybe my confusion is due to the fact that a lobotomy is permanent and I’m taking the title too literally. It’s a fun little story regardless, although the ending was a little confusing to me, but again, that’s probably the cold medicine talking. $2

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