Update for 2/10/12

New review today for Nibble #7 by Tom Cherry, as I can rarely resist the temptation to review a short comic on a Friday. Most of the eBay stuff I keep pushing expires either this weekend or Monday, so place your bids soon! Or not, but I could sure use the money. As I never mentioned anything specifically that you people might actually enjoy, here’s a partial list: Victor Banana’s soundtrack to “Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron” by Dan Clowes, a clump of Howard the Duck comics (which should not be discounted just because the movie sucked), the single issues for the last two graphic novels worth of Preacher, What If? comics (both the original series and the 1988 second volume), Clive Barker comics from the early 90’s, the soundtrack from the “Crumb” documentary, and “How to Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way.” And about 20 other auctions that might contain an issue or two that you would like. Happy weekend everybody!

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