Hon, Anthony – Jack and Lucky #1


Jack and Lucky #1

OK, take a look at the cover. I know that giant cat thing was right there, but it still really freaked me out when I saw it for the first time. See, the first six pages were all about Jack trying to pick up a girl in a book store. When he came home for the day, without even thinking this was odd, there’s a giant cat sitting on his couch watching TV. Maybe I missed an introduction or something, or maybe giant cats are the norm in his world, but I stopped noticing by the end of the issue anyway. About the only complaint I have about the issue is that Anthony seems to to be unable to draw anything but gorgeous, buxom women, if that’s really a complaint. Other than that the art is nothing short of phenomenal and the sampler comic he sent me showed that he can draw regular women too. I don’t see how he could ever hope to put something this detailed out on a regular basis, but I’m more than willing to check it out while he does. Send him an e-mail or check out his website, why don’t you?

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