Hendricks, R. – Stranger Two Stranger #3


Stranger Two Stranger #3

For those of you who haven’t been reading this series, a quick recap: R. Hendricks finds some of the more ridiculous/heartbreaking/bizarre Craigslist ads about missed connections and illustrates them. His illustrations generally elevate these ads into another art form entirely, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with his efforts so far. That being said, take a moment to embiggen that sample below and read it, because it has to be the most delusional thing I’ve ever seen in any kind of personal ad. Done? Yeah, that guy actually thought that he might have a shot with that woman AFTER RUNNING OVER HER DOG. I’ve surely had my clueless moments in dealing with the ladies over the years, but that level of willful ignorance is astounding. But hey, at least he’s offering to buy her a new dog! Madness. This is an extreme example of what you’ll find in this volume, but several of them are along the same vein. There’s one from a woman who researched who David Lynch was after having a cute guy ask her about him, a guy looking for another guy he had met with huge feet, another guy who’s looking for the guy that he gave an oral exam (in a dentist’s office) to, a guy who sneakily took a picture of a the feet of a woman and another guy who’s just looking for a “female wrestling partner.” There are also a few more surreal entries, like the one that says that “love lies do not mix well with love” and another that simply says “I screw you.” Overall I’m leaving a large chunk of these for you readers to discover, as there’s no sense in ruining such a delightful surprise, but rest assured that there are some doozies in here. And if you go to his website you’ll see a few new entries that are not in this volume, which tells me he’s keeping this up, which is good news to all of us. $2

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