Baxter, Derek – The Life and Death of Mr. Burger


The Life and Death of Mr. Burger

Hamburgers! You know they’re always one bad day away from turning evil. Well, this particular hamburger is, anyway. Things start off with our hero missing his bus, which causes him to miss an important meeting, which causes him to get fired from his job. And, what with the economy still being terrible and all, he decides to dress up as a lady hamburger and attack his old office and workmates with a chainsaw. He ends up in prison for 18 years and finally gets out, but things have changed considerably since he went in. It’s better if I don’t get into too many spoilers from there, even though the title does kind of give things away. This is Derek’s first comic that I know of (not a “graphic novel” as he mentions on the inside cover though, unless that’s become an all-encompassing term for all comics and nobody told me about the rule change) and it’s funny as hell, which always helps. I’m not a big fan of the computer animation turned into a comic idea, as everything comes off as slightly blurred. A background or two after the first page probably wouldn’t have killed the guy either, as it often appeared that the characters were talking to each other in a vacuum. But hey, first comic = learning experience, right? And he got a lot right (that ghost garden panel especially was fantastic). It’s worth a look, especially if you like to see hamburgers on an extreme downward spiral. $3

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