Davidson, Joe – Homegrown Aliens


Homegrown Aliens

Sure, I could have used a sample page detailing the plot of the book, but after that cover I’m sure that you folks demand mayhem. I know I would! This comic has a succinct (and charming) synopsis detailing how a meteor carrying seeds fell to earth, the seeds formed a plant, and the plant took the shape of the first person that it saw. Well, it clearly did a pretty poor job of imitating that person, as it remains a bit of a horror show, but at least it was trying to fit in. These two (the drifter it imitated basically adopted it) wander into a group that’s hunting down a yeti, and the simple-minded creature gets talked into looking for the beast. This yeti had been captured previously but escaped, meaning that it’s now wandering around in a foreign land causing all kinds of mayhem. A big (and fairly gruesome) battle occurs, which I won’t spoil even a little bit, but it turns out that the losing creature had defenses that the survivors could have never dreamed of. I think Joe is selling himself short by giving this one away, but hey, maybe he’s just trying to drum up interest in his other series and is using this to do it. Either way it’s damned funny/gory all on its own, and you should maybe try to email the guy to get yourself a copy. Oh, and if you go to his website, check out his latest comic (from 4/27/12, all you readers in the future), as it’s fantastic.

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