Brown, Bryan G. – First Fight #3


First Fight #3

I have one suggestion to make to Bryan before I get down to the reviewin’: please consider putting some sort of timeline in your books. Granted, that may eventually make the comics look dated if you can’t keep up a consistent publishing schedule, but I’m genuinely curious to see how long he wasn’t fighting, how long it took him to get back into shape, etc. Just a thought. So! This issue starts off with Bryan and his wife moving into their new home. He has some friends over, so he mentions to them that he’s looking to get back into the MMA fighting, which comes as a shock to them, because Bryan has put on a big chunk of weight over recent months and they wonder if he’s really ready for the training that would have to happen. Bryan chuckles, says he will be ready, and later that night he steps on the scale (which is something he had been avoiding for months). Well, it turns out that he was about 30 pounds off in his estimate of his own weight, and it was in the wrong direction. Hey, who hasn’t been there? Bryan makes a vow then and there to finish 30 push ups, which he does (eventually), and from there he fully gets back into training. I think, anyway, which is where my request for a timeline comes in. I guess it would be boring to see Bryan riding a stationary bike for an hour or so a day to lose weight, but if that’s part of his training it should be in here somewhere. The rest of the comic shows Bryan’s experiences with a jui jitsu class, the humiliations involved in repeatedly getting beat by teenagers, and using those skills to show up an uncle who was making fun of him. But in a harmless, all-in-good-fun kind of way (he didn’t choke the guy out is what I’m saying). It’s another thoroughly engaging comic and it looks like Bryan is going to pick up his publishing schedule in the coming months. I for one can’t wait to see how it all turns out. $4

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