Lapp, Dave – Window #14


Window #14

Aw, I’ve finally reached the last of these Window comics. Dammit. There, I guess I just gave away the direction of this review, for the people who haven’t read my reviews of the first 13 issues of this series and weren’t sure which way I was going to go. This issue has a few different stories in it, and I’d swear that the text size got much bigger this time around, for whatever that’s worth. First up is the sample below, mostly because it reminded me of a friend of mine back in the day doing the same thing to vegetarian friends, and he got the exact same reaction (“this is the best veggie burger I’ve ever had!”) while pulling the same trick. But hey, that’s just a one page piece. The first big story deals with Dave teaching another class, this time in a summer camp where students were with him for several hours a day for two weeks. He talks about the kid who got bullied (and how, even though he was a perfectly nice kid, it made sense that other kids were bullying him because he was so damned polite all the time), how the one kid who was too young for the class had an impossible time trying to fit in, and the time that a staple got into some candy and whether or not it was a malicious act. That’s roughly the first half of the book, and I’m going to be as vague as possible for the rest of it to try and keep some surprises for you readers lucky enough to find copies of this series. There are two other stories about the professor who was thinking of giving his kid back after his wife left the country and the mystery of the thrown shoe, then this series sadly comes to a close. Well, unless he’s planning on making more, but he seems to have moved onto other things, which I probably should have reviewed before this series. Oops. In a perfect world this series would be collected into one volume and then given to all teachers around the country, so any publishers out there with a few extra bucks lying around should make it so.

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