Berry, Brandon – Daucus Carota #2


Daucus Carota #2

Ah, this is what I love most about running this website and chattering about comics for going on 11 years now. Brandon sent me the first issue of this series years ago, I loved it and never heard from him again. Until now! Scroll through the archives to find my review of #1, but Brandon put together a nice, succinct recap on the inside front cover, which is where such things should go. To sum up, as it’s silent: angry monkeys, confused giant rabbit creature, cartoon cloud of dust representing the battle, giant rabbit creature walking away triumphantly as a monkey arm belonging to a defeated monkey lays on the ground. Perfect. In this issue the rabbit creature is still doing his thing, whatever that might be, and the defeated monkeys return to their leader to report their failure, which goes about as well as you’d expect. The monkey king takes his strangely floating crown (it hovers over his head in most of the panels and he never loses it, no matter how many punches he takes) and goes out in search of our hero. A big old battle ensues with a shocking finale, of which I should say no more. Once again his brief use of colors here and there has more impact than an entire brightly colored comic, and the art is still impressive as hell. Even if he does say in the afterword that he’s embarrassed by the art of the first issue, which is madness, but hey, when are artists ever happy with their earlier work? He implies that the series will continue, which it damned well better now that he’s gone and gotten me hooked. Here’s hoping it’s not another three years before #3. Oh, and some contact information listed in the comic would have been nice, as I had to search around the internets to find it. And in case you were wondering, yes, it is always hilarious when I do a Google search and the first thing I find that I can actually use is a link from Optical Sloth. Funny every time. $5

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