Schuster, Eric & Gillette, Joseph – Prizon Food #2


Prizon Food #2

It just occurred to me that the last issue of this series also listed “Party Food” as the second person responsible for it, and both times I listed the real name of the person instead. I could change it now, but it’s already been out there on the internets for a week, meaning the whole world already knows about it. Not that the whole world reads my website, that’s just how these things work. It’ss confusing anyway, as “Party Food” is also a character in the story. So! This time around Waltar and his pig are taken up into that spaceship from the last issue, the conversation between the king and his son with the upside down face (Party Food; see what I mean about it being confusing?) continues, and Waltar and his pig are taken to prison. Or prizon, as it’s called on the cover, which may have given that bit away. A good chunk of this book is an extended fight scene between Waltar and the guards, and it’s a thing of beauty. The giant word balloons, the wide open spaces, the two page spreads when the action (or lack of action) calls for it, the various expressions on the faces of the guards, all of it combined for the best fight scene that I’ve seen in years. Of course, I am biased into thinking that a fight between a purple gorilla creature and three alien guards starts off as the best fight in ages and then it would have to be exceptionally crappy to knock that opinion away from me, and this was not crappy at all. We also get to meet one new character at the end, so these two obviously still have plans for this series. Which is great, as this is one of those series that reads like a fever dream that should have been on paper ages ago. Or drawn on their computers and then put onto paper, however you want to put it. $6

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