Fisher, Mike – 3-D Pete’s Star Babe Invasion Comics #3


3-D Pete’s Star Babe Invasion Comics #3

It’s time for another issue of this series, as there are still retro science fiction ladies that are begging to be covered! Well, maybe not begging, and this issue does reveal that at least of few of them have met with tragic ends since running around in a fur bikini, but I’m veering into dark territory for a book that’s this lighthearted. This time around we get a detailed description of the 1958 movie “Queen of Outer Space” (I do love the extra bits of research that Mike puts into these stories, like how one of the rebels in the movie later married her love interest from the film), a more detailed bio of Joi Lansing (from the same movie), a detailed look at another old campy classic (“When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth!,” and Mike details the differences between available versions of the film), a couple of pages of random ladies (where you can guess their identity and then confirm it when Mike gives the answers; if you get more than 1/2 of these right without cheating you might want to email Mike and see if he needs an assistant), and an interview with Victoria Vetri. From prison, where she’s currently staying after shooting her husband, so you can see what I mean about it getting a little dark. There are also several one page spreads of various ladies in various states of undress/terror/adventure, and another full page color centerfold that is not naked, so shame on you for thinking that. Once again it’s a fun book for fans of the genre, as even the dorkiest of dorks is bound to learn something new here. The price is a mystery once again, so once again I’m going with the random guess of $5, which is probably too cheap for all the full color shenanigans going on here.

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