Update for 7/15/12

No really, it’s a real update! New review today for Herman the Manatee #5. Reviewing should be mostly back to normal next week (he says optimistically), but my work schedule is bound to be a little wonky on occasion for the rest of the year, so there may be a few more of these weekend updates to make up for lost time. Also, in case it wasn’t as clear as could be before, I’ve updated my address on the sidebar over yonder and, if you’d either like to send me comics for review or already do so on a regular basis, UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION ACCORDINGLY. I’m only shouting because some of you are still sending review comics to an ex that I lived with in freaking 2008 (luckily we’re still on good terms so she sends them along to me), but that almost certainly means that some of you have been sending comics to other old addresses of mine and are wondering why I never got around to reviewing them. The wonders of the internet should make it easy to keep contact information current, so take advantage of it!

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