Lee, Jun K. – Temple



What exactly is an ear palace? That’s probably not the best way to start for such a thoughtful, imaginative (and hirsute, if Jun’s letter is to be believed) comic, but it jumped right out at me. This comic is the story of a man who finds an unexpected treasure in the ear of another man. Before you run away from the computer shrieking, hear me out. This man is walking behind another man in some kind of spiritual procession. Or maybe they were just walking? It’s not relevant. Anyway, the comic starts off by revealing that treasure, which I’m not going to reveal to you. Granted, it’s not much of a spoiler if it comes out on the first page, but maybe you can figure it out from the hints that I’ll give you, and if not it makes the comic that much more intriguing. It turns out that this man noticed a glow from the ear of the man who was walking in front of him, and he strained his eyes to try and make it out. Inside that ear he eventually heard the sound of flowers falling and trains rustling, then tried to see past an obstruction of moss and flowers. From there he noticed something staring back at him from a gap that was between two horses, and I can say no more without giving the whole thing away. This is a tiny comic, but it’ll leave you with half a dozen of those thoughts that batter away at the comfortable part of your brain when you aren’t paying attention, which is all you can ask for out of a comic. Jun is also working on a longer comic which, after reading this, I’m damned intrigued to see. Buy a copy of this for $2 from the man to motivate him to keep going, as I’d hate to see somebody with this much potential quit before he really gets going.

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