Ludtke, Jason – Colossal #2: Illumine


Colossal #2: Illumine

Oh, so THAT’S what that title of “Colossal” meant. It was difficult to get a handle on the scale of the creature/robot in the first issue, as it was in a forest and it only interacted with one tiny bird. This time around our hero is on the move and we see that he towers over at least some trees and is clearly much larger than a truck. I’m loving the pacing of these issues, as Jason lets us feel every heavy stomp of the robot’s feet. He also gave us plenty of room to get a sense of the panic that started to creep into the robot when his guide disappeared for a few pages, but I’m getting ahead of myself. This issue is basically the journey to another bird and the robot’s steps along the way. He meets a fox (and gets a much better sense of the way of the world after that conversation), meets the “wise” bird and takes steps to follow its advice. The comic ends with a damned intriguing panel that doesn’t seem to be related to much that came before, but I can say no more about that. I’m getting just the barest hint of a True Swamp vibe from this series. Talking animals will do that to me, granted, but there’s also the fact that these talking animals are laying out some serious truths about the natural order of things. And yes, being compared to probably the best series from Jon Lewis is meant as high praise. Oh, and I just saw on Jason’s website that he calls the robot “IT.” Make of that what you will, but at this point I’m happy to be firmly along for the ride. $4

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