Ludtke, Jason – Colossal: Vulpes Vulpes


Colossal: Vulpes Vulpes

I was all set for a righteous rant about this comic, but it turns out that it’s not #3 in the series after all and is instead just another part of the series. Supplemental material. Which is fine, but isn’t there a law that says that you can’t do such things until you have at least five issues of a series out? There isn’t? Well, there should be. Still, this is Jason’s vision, he gets to let things unfold at exactly the speed he prefers. So what’s this comic about? Well, it depicts the day that the big guy from the past two issues crashes to the ground. Or does it? We’re left to assume that it does, and it seems like a pretty safe bet. Anyway, we also get some technical chatter, with a few intriguing code words thrown in. The bulk of the comic is the reaction of the red foxes in the area (hence the title), but we also see very little of that. Honestly, this is a tough comic to judge by itself. As part of the series, at this exact moment in time, it’s a disappointment. If another issue comes out pretty soon, and if it ties in with this (as it surely will down the road, or what’s the point of releasing the issue at all?), then this one will end up looking better. And this will make some fine bonus material in an eventual graphic novel. But you have to keep interest up to GET TO a collected edition, and while this doesn’t kill the momentum of the first two issues, it does slow it down a bit. $2.50

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