Hansen, RL – The Last Hour


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The Last Hour

Quick, who out there has worked in food service? Coffee shop, fast food restaurant, cafeteria worker, that sort of thing. The last hour of the day at those places (from my experience) is often a nebulous zone where you’d like to be working on things to get you home more quickly after closing, but most of those things can’t be done until all of the customers are gone, and customers come in so infrequently for that last hour that you’re mostly just bored silly. This comic is about one of those hours, as RL waits to close the coffee shop while tending the counter. There’s the conversation with a co-worker to try and figure out anything she could do to help, the interaction with a faceless customer who can’t even be bothered with basic human courtesy, a reasonably friendly guy who was probably mostly there to hit on her (he did ask what her favorite drink was so he could order it, after all), a cheery old man who just wants regular coffee, and one woman who places a large order but ends up giving RL some solid advice on trying mini comics first if she was having trouble putting together a longer story. It’s a solid comic and it does a nice job capturing that awful, useless, potentially magical hour.


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