Skaalrud, Caitlin – Tits! The Spiny Northern Maid


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Tits! The Spiny Northern Maid

Ah, mermaids. Disney ruined how monstrous those creatures could be years ago, but Caitlin is doing her part to right that wrong. Not that’s she portraying mermaids as monstrous necessarily, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The idea behind this book is that a mermaid has been captured and has been held for the last 20 years (mermaids live for hundreds of years, so this isn’t considered to be all that long). There are five other types of mermaids, but the rest of them have been hunted to extinction over the years and most of them don’t look all that human anyway. We learn all this through a class that’s being taught by a woman, and the mermaid falls for this woman right away. While she’s dreaming about this woman later on strange things start happening outside and the playing field is leveled a bit for this captive mermaid. I can’t say much more without ruining things, but this book was nicely done all around, from the behavior of the captive mermaid to the guy feeding her calling her “tits” because yeah, it would probably be that crude. I must be getting close to reading half of this Lutefisk Sushi E collection by now, and the vast majority of them have been well worth reading.


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