Hoggatt, MarYanna – Adult Babysitting #1



Adult Babysitting #1

First things first: that is the perfect title for a comic about MarYanna (I’m just going by the spelling of her first name on the cover) and her adventures in bartending. She’s also making badges, and it would be lovely to see bartenders from all over the place start wearing them. Anyway! This is her first comic, which either means that she’s been working on it for ten years or she’s professionally trained, as it’s a gorgeous book in every way. There are four two page color spreads in the center of the book depicting the four seasons and the changing bar crowds that come with each, and they are a thing of beauty. The rest of the book details various conversations/interactions she’s had with drunken and not-so-drunken customers while tending bar over the years and a few drink recipes (although it’s hard to call a beer and a shot a “recipe”). There are a few of the lessons she’s learned along the way, the necessity of assigning nicknames to regulars, how drunk customers are never right, the older rocker lady and her unique bathroom habits, names she’s been called while bartending, an older infrequent customer and his amorous intentions (that’s putting it so much more nicely than just about any other way to describe that scene), a very busy night and the fantastic punchline to it, and the story of a camouflage shrubbery that arrives too late. It’s a hell of a book, and my only complaint is one of omission. She sent a nice letter along with it and she has maybe the best cursive handwriting I’ve ever seen. Granted, comic book convention says that you have to letter your books in more easily legible print, but maybe she could be a trendsetter to start to turn that around. Pick it up, give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed. Unless you’re one of those people who hates booze and everybody associated with it, in which case, other than my general bafflement at your existence, you’ll probably like this one quite a bit too, as it’s not like the drunks are usually the heroes of their stories.


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